The Founders Gala is Waterford’s bi-annual fundraising and social event that unites our community to celebrate our exceptional teachers and students.

Thank you for supporting Waterford School this year. 

SPARK Caring! -- SPARK Community! -- SPARK Connection!

The evening’s program will highlight the best of Waterford, and show you a side of our community that will inspire and entertain you. While the format may have changed, this year’s silent auction and signup parties will be unique opportunities to bid for something extraordinary, while supporting our mission to provide world-class education. All funds raised during the event will go directly towards two critical initiatives that directly impact learning at Waterford—tuition assistance and teaching excellence.  

In addition to this year's silent auction and signup parties, we are thrilled to unveil THE GOLDEN TICKET.  Purchase one or more GOLDEN TICKET for a suggested ticket price of $200 per ticket to enter to win this year's most coveted prize $10,000 OFF TUITION for the 2021-22 school year. All proceeds from the GOLDEN TICKET go directly to financial aid. THE GOLDEN TICKET draw will take place during the gala program on April 24.

This year’s silent auction will run from Thursday, April 15 - Saturday, April 24 at 9:00 PM, the day after our SPARK! Gala. The opportunity draw and sign-up parties will be announced during the course of the program, and you won’t want to miss it!

Registration for SPARK! is open




Don't miss the opportunity to win the most coveted prize this year—for a suggested ticket price of $200 per ticket, individuals can enter to win this year's most coveted prize $10,000 OFF TUITION for the 2021-22 school year. All proceeds from the GOLDEN TICKET go directly to financial aid. 


Your family will be delighted to receive this hand-delivered  limited-edition tote packed with locally sourced confections and goodies, as well as party favors, and a collection of coveted discounts and coupons from local retailers and community businesses directly to your home before the event. With limited quantities, get them while they are still available! Local addresses only please—boxes hand delivered to your front door. Limited quantities available.


The Silent Auction and Sign-up Parties will open on Thursday, April 15 for almost a full week of bidding on amazing products, trips and more.  Sign-up Parties are a favorite tradition among Waterford families where parents can buy tickets to get togethers and parties based on interests. Sign-up individually or as a group. 



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Lexi Peterson '22
Maike Jones

What a year it’s been.  When we began the school year last Fall, we were unsettled  with questions and uncertainties about all aspects of school life, from learning to sports, and at the core, student health and safety.  Will school stay open?  What will the student experience be like?  Will my child learn anything? Several months later, with resolute confidence, we can say that our community was able to accomplish the unthinkable.  Learning at Waterford not only endured in the last year, but in many ways, became stronger than ever.   And for that, we have endless thanks and gratitude for the energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by Waterford teachers and staff. Their unwavering dedication to our students made this an exceptional year of learning.  Bravo!

On April 24, we will SPARK CARING! SPARK COMMUNITY! And SPARK CONNECTION! to celebrate the last year, and build excitement and energy for the next. The success of this year rests upon our Waterford theme—Caring, a value displayed and cultivated in all aspects of school life.  

As the signs of Spring alight, there is growing optimism and hope for what’s to come. It is the perfect time to be inspired, and dare to dream for a future that we have put on hold. On April 24, we will show you how our teachers have never stopped in their endeavor to  SPARK INSPIRATION among our students!

A virtual celebration means that for the first time, every member of our broader Waterford community can attend, regardless of their physical location.  We sincerely hope anyone who has a connection to Waterford - parents, grandparents and grandfriends, alumni - will join us for an evening of connection to SPARK COMMUNITY and SPARK CONNECTION!   

We can’t wait to see you!

The Gala Committee