Getting Involved

Get Involved and make an IMPACT
At Waterford School

We aspire to amplify Waterford’s culture of philanthropy and volunteerism because we care so deeply and intentionally about its mission and people, and have a responsibility to foster the possibilities and joy our students experience everyday.

The Waterford Fund is the name of our annual giving program. It’s our number one philanthropic priority and provides critical support for faculty, staff and students at Waterford School. Make a gift of any amount to support your class, every gift matters.

The Parent Association is the key to keeping our community connected to one another and our School.

Waterford school-wide events bring our community together and makes an impact on our dedicated faculty and staff.

The Waterford Fund

Annual giving provides critical resources. 

When you make Waterford a philanthropic priority, you directly support the Student Experience, Teaching Excellence, and Fiscal Health – today and for generations to come.  

Every student is subsidized – even students who do not qualify for financial assistance. The philanthropic support from Waterford’s parents, alumni, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty, and staff make up the difference between what tuition covers and the actual cost of educating each student. 

When you say yes to supporting Waterford, you make a powerful statement to our community that you care deeply about our liberal arts mission and culture. Families are asked during the academic year to make at least one gift, of any amount, to the area of the Waterford Fund that speaks to them. 

The Waterford Fund Council

Each year, every classroom is represented by both a Parent Association Class Rep who plans class gatherings and events, and a Waterford Fund Council member, who reaches out to encourage your participation in the Waterford Fund. These parent volunteers work in tandem to help our parent community strengthen our mission. 

The goal of the Waterford Fund Council is to support each class to reach 100% parent participation, remembering that every gift matters, regardless of the amount. Waterford Fund Council are excited to connect with you through email, text, and phone calls, and conversations with your council member are a wonderful way to engage with fellow Waterford parents. 

We are especially appreciative of our Waterford Fund Council Chair, Amy Maentz P’28, and Vice Chair, Selena Overholt P’33,’35.

Ready to get involved?