Middle School

Our Middle School

Middle School provides an exciting transition for Waterford students – as they become more focused on their studies and begin to discover the meaning and possibilities of a true liberal arts education. Our Middle School teachers are also Upper School teachers, so students at Waterford develop strong relationships for learning.

Middle School Highlights

41 acre campus

with 9 academic/arts buildings and multiple quads for lunch and downtime

15:1 Teacher : Student

Average Class Size

35% of Waterford students

identify as students of color

19 Fine and Performing Arts

Teachers and Sectionalists for Middle School students

22 Morning Meeting Mentors

dedicated to Middle School students

Curriculum at a Glance

Increased Independence

Middle School students set and achieve meaningful goals, keep track of their assignments, and study independently. By enjoying opportunities to explore and expand interests and talents, the academics provide students with the advanced intellectual and academic tools they will need to absorb, question, analyze, and synthesize information throughout their lives.


Students in Middle School learn Latin; a foundation in the classical liberal arts that allow students to expand their knowledge and understanding in other modern languages, science (deciphering animal and plan names), and English class. The shared study also develops a sense of community and connection.

Middle School Counselor

A full-time Middle School Counselor, Tanisha Shedden who is laser focused on the needs
of Middle School students. She works with individual students as well as in small groups.
Ms. Shedden also meets with the Middle School Dean Team every week to contribute ideas
for Morning Meeting topics that will serve our students in vital ways.

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Grades of Interest

Personal Growth
and Development

Middle School is a crucial time for social growth and development as students work to define and expand their identities and explore social boundaries. Waterford fosters and supports this development with a tightly knit campus community and a wide range of extra-curricular programs and activities that help students discover new talents, develop social skills, and strengthen friendships. These include sports, music, dance, robotics, and art camps, outdoor programs, travel opportunities, and many other activities.

I have been at the Waterford school since preschool. I love it here, from the nice and caring teachers and staff to the broad and fun curriculum. I’ve been able to experience many things here… the teachers always make me feel welcome and safe. Keeping a fun environment but yet teaching us so much.

Middle School Student(via Niche.com)

Middle School Administration