Teaching Excellence & Student Growth

Teaching is the heart of Waterford

The faculty here embrace elevated standards of knowledge, performance, and character, and they strive for excellence, starting with excellence of effort. From the lessons to the relationships, Waterford teachers know their students, know the value of learning, and know how to stimulate their students’ passions. 




Faculty member
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Character Matters

Waterford cares about character

At Waterford, education doesn’t stop at academics. We know empathy and kindness can be taught. That’s why Waterford integrates social-emotional learning into its rich curriculum across all divisions. Our exceptional teachers are invested in developing the whole child; Waterford graduates are not only scholars, but citizens of the world. Waterford teachers know their students personally and challenge students to be their best selves, inside and outside the classroom.

See how Waterford is changing the lives of its students through character education.

Middle School & the Growth Mindset

Dean of Students Nancy Nebeker brings mindfulness and a growth mindset to Middle School. 

Beyond Academics

Dana Carlson was looking for the best education for her daughter when her family relocated to Salt Lake City from Chicago. Many schools offered a great academic program, but Dana was most impressed with Waterford’s commitment to character development. She was so compelled by Waterford’s philosophy that she became a Waterford Class III teacher.​

Individualized Instruction

At Waterford, each student is seen as an individual learner. Students receive one-on-one attention from expert teachers in a learning-rich environment.  

Our experienced faculty provide students with the attention and support they need to succeed. Waterford’s small class sizes allow for teachers to uniquely know their students, recognize their strengths, and address their needs. Teachers tailor Waterford’s liberal arts curriculum to help students reach their full potential. Students are encouraged to take on new challenges and stretch themselves personally, socially, and academically. 

Waterford’s teachers are invested in helping students pursue their individual passions.

It is so amazing to be on campus and know that each student who has a spark, that there is a teacher or a program for them, whether it be soccer, or robotics, or an interest in science, or in theater, there is a faculty member here. Everyone will have a place to feel at home, and to be nurtured, and to thrive. And that’s very unique to Waterford.

Kate Linsley