Outdoor Classroom

Lower School Outdoor Classroom

Lower School
Outdoor Classroom

Waterford is excited to share the PreK Outdoor Classroom, a Certified Nature Explore Classroom, which fosters highly effective, nature-based outdoor learning, and has been nationally recognized by Dimensions Educational Research Foundation.

Research shows the importance of outdoor play, exploration in nature and hands-on activities for young learners. Waterford’s PreK program enhances this important play through the research-based classroom, which was finished and dedicated in the Fall of 2018, and made possible by a very generous anonymous donation.

With its multi-use stations filled with oversized rocks, logs, tunnels, chess boards as well as water and mud stations, a large block-building station, this Outdoor Classroom is a newly-imagined place for our students to explore, learn and grow.

The Lower School Outdoor Classroom was designed by Nature Explore, a professional landscape architecture company that incorporates research on early childhood development with design expertise and engaging learning spaces for children.

Explore the Outdoor Classroom

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  • Access from classrooms
  • Covered gathering space

Secret Garden

  • Variety of native/adapted plantings
  • Flagstone stepping stones
  • Seasonal planters

Building Area

  • Tools to build and imagine
  • Variety of building materials

Nature Art Area

  • Table with stump stools
  • Vertical art panel
  • Collage work station

Dirt Digging Area

  • Raised bed with soil
  • Flagstone surfacing
  • Digging materials
  • Area to explore textures

Water Area

  • Raised hand pump reservoir
  • Wood sloped channel
  • Water table to explore motion, gravity & mixed media

Imagination Area

  • Shaded play area
  • Slides
  • Imagination boat structures
  • Materials for imaginative play

Wheeled Toy Area

  • Area to play/ride wheeled toys
  • Looped area for continued play

Mud Kitchen

  • Area to explore textures
  • Introduction to nature and insects
  • Exploration with earth elements and tools

Open Area

  • Grass
  • Area for open play

Low Rock Climbing Area

  • Area to explore a variety of playing surfaces

Sand Area

  • In-ground, natural stone-lined sand box
  • Tree stump/steps
  • Sail for shade
  • Tools for digging


  • Culvert tunnel with mound
  • Soft surface on hill
  • Safe low rock climbing area

Oversized Chess Board

  • Square learning area
  • Oversized chess pieces

Sunken Log

  • Giant tree climbing gym
  • Natural balance beam
  • Soft wood chip area

Gathering Area

  • Stone amphitheater
  • Area for story time & group meetings
  • Sail for shade


  • Access from classrooms
  • Covered gathering space


  • Access from classrooms
  • Covered gathering space
Lower School Outdoor Classroom
Lower School Outdoor Classroom
Lower School Outdoor Classroom

As our students use this space day after day, it will become a stage, a laboratory, a castle, a ship, a wilderness, a country, a home. In this classroom, our students will learn to create, negotiate, test hypotheses, share, engage in dialogue, problem-solve, and collaborate. When I think about all that is taking place in this space, I am hopeful for our future, as these are deeply important lessons that our students are learning, teaching each other, and teaching us.

Dr. Melanie BattistoneLower School Head