The Waterford Kindergarten Program is designed to nurture a community of learners with well-developed social skills and habits of learning and is founded in the liberal arts tradition. Emphasis is placed on traditional academic subjects and education in the arts. Our experiential approach to science instruction using labs and experiments ignite each student’s natural love of science. Students are introduced to formal music instruction using the piano lab, Orff instruments, sight reading, and vocal games and activities. The elements of fine art are introduced in the Lower School art studio as students begin to experiment with line, space, form, value, and color. Dance and Physical Education classes develop large motor skills, along with physical activity and games with rules, all designed to promote endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness.

Students receive daily instruction in small groups, learning and developing literacy skills with the classroom teacher and a reading specialist.

Kindergarten Counts:
A Day in the Life

Check out this valuable guide to catch a glimpse into the day of a Full Day Kindergarten student. Waterford’s program offers a rich and lively environment where the joy of learning is central to the experience of each child.

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Waterford’s Kindergarten program provides the base for a successful academic journey through Waterford’s vertical curriculum (PreK-12). Waterford Kindergarten students enter the first grade prepared to excel and tackle new challenges.

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Grades of Interest

Math is explicitly taught in a whole-group setting and then explored and applied in math centers. Instruction is structured, joyful, imaginative, and allows the child to reach his or her highest potential.

Our students also enjoy the benefits of the Waterford Institute’s award-winning computer-based curriculum, designed to individualize several years of comprehensive language arts, math, and science education.

Kindergarten students eat lunch in the Lower School Dining Hall.  The Dining Hall offers a variety of healthy dining options for students who choose to purchase. Lunch is a social time for students to interact with classmates and develop interpersonal skills.

The Waterford Kindergarten Program is a rich and lively environment where the joy of learning is central to the experience of each child. Kindergarten teachers take great care to provide materials for children so that all are challenged, actively involved in learning and becoming confident in their abilities as lifelong learners. Kindergarten students at Waterford establish a sense of place as they grow and develop on a continuous pathway from Kindergarten through Class XII.

Full Day Kindergarten

Core Program

Small Group & Whole Class Instruction
Reading/Literacy Groups: 1 hour and 30 min, 5 times per week
Math/Math Centers: 30 min, 5 times per week
Journal Writing: 30 min, 5 times per week

Art: 30 min, 2 times per week
Library: 30 min, 1 time per week
Music: 30 min, 2 times per week
Dance: 30 min, 1 time per week
Theater: 30 min, 2 times per week
Physical Education: 30 min, 2 times per week
Science: 30 min, 2 times per week
Computers: 30 min, 2 times per week

Fairy Tale Day
Teddy Bear Hunt
100th Day of School
Daily Journals

Class Size

18 students/1 teacher and 1 reading specialist


For children 5 years old by September 1

Program Schedule

Full Day Program (M-F)
8:30 am – 3:15 pm

Tuition (2024-25)


Extended Day

After school care is available to Kindergarten students daily