We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Waterford School. A dynamic place with foundations in a classical, well-crafted liberal arts curriculum, and a safe and nurturing experience for every child.

Getting Started with the
Application Process

As an institution that inspires exploration, creativity, and academic excellence, Waterford works to bring out the best in your students both inside and outside of the classroom. Built on the traditions of the liberal arts, Waterford offers an education that builds bridges between disciplines. Ranging from subjects in the Humanities, Sciences, Athletics, Performing and Visual Arts, your students will be immersed in a rich and intentional curriculum that challenges them to see those connections and subsequently find joy in the journey.

Apply to Waterford

The Waterford admissions process is all about fit. Naturally, we want to see every student thrive at Waterford. Candidates to Waterford will demonstrate an interest in learning and a readiness to develop their talents. Students enrolled at Waterford will study, practice and achieve in an academic environment. Students will be ready to learn and to engage with the faculty in the process of learning.

Visiting Waterford

The best way to get a feel for life at Waterford is to visit the campus. Let us personalize your tour. We will take you where you want to go! Interested in the Arts? Let’s visit the Performing Arts building and the Visual Arts building. Want to see it all? We can do that too. We invite you and your family to experience Waterford in person. A personal visit allows you insight into Waterford by visiting with a member of our Admissions team and getting a glimpse of what the Waterford community is really like.

Campus Map & Directions

Waterford is centrally located in the Salt Lake valley, and attracts students from Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Summit counties.

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Request a Visit

Request a date/time to visit Waterford school.

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Waterford Wednesdays

Want a more casual way to visit Waterford? Join us in the morning for a campus tour with a parent ambassador.

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Open House

Twice a year, the Waterford School gives families a chance to tour our campus and facilities.

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Applicant Shadow Visit

Shadow visits are a great way for an applicant to experience Waterford. A half-day visit will give an applicant a window into the world of a Waterford student.

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Tuition & Financial Assistance

We are delighted that you are considering Waterford School for your child. We honor your financial commitment and promise to provide the highest value through Waterford’s depth and breadth of curriculum and the personalized attention provided by extraordinary teachers. All this requires significant investment–and the results are impressive:

  • Mission-driven education.
  • High academic standards.
  • Transformational teaching and small classes.
  • Education of the whole child.
  • Safe & Inclusive.