Lower School

Waterford’s Lower School begins the formal process of building a strong, complete foundation to support a lifetime of growth and learning—stimulating intellect, igniting passion, and shaping character.

Our Lower School

This starts with a rigorous, focused academic program that seamlessly combines core subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, and history with daily visits to specialists in the subjects of science, visual art, music, dance, theater, chess and physical education. At Waterford, all of these disciplines (together with a rich variety of extra-curricular activities and programs) come together into a cohesive, unified educational experience.

During these critical early years, students begin to recognize the joys and rewards of embracing learning for the sake of learning. They form sound work and study habits and explore new talents and interests. And they establish an educational rhythm that will grow, resonate, and expand throughout their Waterford education and beyond.

Curriculum at a Glance

A Rich Liberal Arts Tradition

The curriculum in Lower School is research-based and informed by knowledge of how children learn. The curriculum includes information, as well as the ways of understanding that humans have developed through the ages. To experience the Waterford curriculum is to be educated rather than simply instructed. The offering of courses in the sciences, history, literature, and the arts ensures the engaged, joyful pursuit of learning at a very early age.

A Mastery of Core Subjects

In-depth exploration, analysis, and experimentation with reading, writing, and mathematics sets up Lower School students with the foundations to confidently pursue learning.

Specialists Bring Passion and Expertise

Experts in science, computer science, physical education, library, dance, art, music, theater, and chess teach students a depth and breadth of subjects, cultivating a robust general intelligence by resisting premature specialization.

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Grades of Interest

Waterford offers early morning and after school extended hours for families who need it.

Among the extra-curricular activities in the Lower School are a Community Service Committee, a Math Club for students in Grades 4-5, Chess Competition Club for students in Grades K-5, Lower School Play and Costume Club for students in Grades 4-5 (produced by the Upper School Theater teacher), Book Clubs for all grade levels, Knitting Club and a Robotics program for students in Grade 5. Additionally, Lower School students perform in multiple music performances over the course of the year. And during the winter months, Lower School students can participate in an eight week Snowbird Ski and Ride program, held on Saturdays from December to February.

Waterford is an amazing school and we feel fortunate to have our daughter enrolled since PreK-4. She is now a second grader. You will not find a more caring group of teachers and administration. They spend the time and resources to identify and help with academic and social struggles, and have an excellent after school program.

Parent (via Niche.com)