Message from Head of School

Welcome to
Waterford School!

We are delighted that you’ve decided to explore our remarkable learning community where exceptional faculty deliver a world-class, liberal arts education that stimulates intellect, ignites passion and shapes character. In and out of the classroom our core values—integrity, curiosity, excellence, responsibility and caring—animate and inform our broad curriculum as we inspire students to seek lives of meaning and purpose. Excellent teaching distinguishes the Waterford experience where scholars in their disciplines foster the capacity to think critically, communicate persuasively, reason compassionately and analyze wisely.

Whether discussing Shakespeare, exploring microbes, fine-tuning a quartet piece, working on aperture settings or lowering an erg time, our students are engaged and motivated by the breadth and depth of our curriculum and aspire to apply their learning in meaningful ways. Here students are known, needed and cared for. They find joy in the challenge, mentors at every turn and a diverse peer group with shared aspirations.

Thoughtful partnerships with our parents result in graduates thoroughly prepared for the rigors of college with the competence and confidence to fully engage in their higher education journey and lives beyond.

In a world more interconnected, interdependent and inter-reliant than at any time in human history, our research-driven liberal arts education is timeless providing the intellectual and moral foundation for a life of fulfilling contribution.

A Waterford education transforms, opening a world of possibilities for each child!

We invite you to pay us a visit to learn more about the magic that is Waterford School.

With every good wish,

Andrew Menke
Head of School