International Students

Dear international student…you are welcome here!

We’re pleased you’ve discovered Waterford School.  We are located on a 41-acre campus at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. The Waterford School ensures that international students will receive a challenging college preparatory, liberal arts education with Advanced Placement courses (17 AP courses offered), honors courses, fine arts, performing arts, and athletics.

The school has an enrollment cap of 15 international students. The Waterford School does not offer an ESL program, therefore, international students must demonstrate a high level of English proficiency. It is recommended that international students seeking admission to Waterford School meet the guidelines outlined in the International Student Application Supplement. This download provides admission guidelines and requirements, tuition costs, and a supplement form that is a required part of the application process.

For more detailed questions and to speak directly with a member of the Admissions team, please call or email the Admissions Office at (801) 816-2216 or email us at We would be delighted to speak with you and answer all of your questions.

If you have questions or would like to speak directly with a member of the Admissions team, submit your information below and an Admissions team member with be in contact with you as soon as possible.

International Students
Admission to Upper School

Waterford considers international student applicants for admission to Upper School (grade 9-12) each year. Please note that the School maintains an enrollment cap of 15 international students and we do not consider incoming grade 12 students for admission. The deadline to complete a full application for fall entry is January 31. Students should submit their online application by no later than the January 31 deadline and all supplementary materials should be submitted prior to June 15.  

Do you want to tour and visit the School?

Are you in town? Please visit, we would be happy to show you around campus. We know that sometimes your time is limited in the United States and looking at schools is a top priority. Please call us directly at (801) 816-2216 or email us to set up your personalized visit and tour, as we are not able to take walk-in visitors. Additionally, you can always check our Visit Waterford page to see when we are having our next visiting day. We would love to see you there!

Why Study at Waterford?

Waterford School has intentionally made the international student experience one that is caring and nurturing — where you can truly stand out and distinguish yourself from other international students who attend other schools that have heavy concentrations of F-1 students.  We take great care in knowing our students are safe, happy, and learning well. We know how important this is especially when students are far from home. While we do not arrange host family stays, we do work closely with the host family you’ve selected as well as your parents living abroad. We communicate often and have a dedicated faculty member who serves as the international student coordinator to support you as a personal mentor and advisor.

Waterford School’s Annual International Food & Music Festival

Hear from a few of our international students…

At Waterford, I’ve always enjoyed the small class sizes that allow each student to express themselves and share their thoughts. While the school has rigorous English and history curriculum, there’s also a great variety of extracurricular activities you can choose to pursue your passion, including visual arts, performing arts, and varsity sports.

JAY C., ’19

Advice: Take hard classes. Get the best out of the Waterford education because not many schools can provide this kind of education. Have Fun: Play sports, instruments, and join club. Don’t be afraid to get help; if you are struggling with something, talk to your teachers, advisors, or your friends. It never hurts to get help.

ETHAN J., ’19

Being able to study in America also provided me my all-time favorite after-school activity—sports. With the huge academic stresses back in China, playing sports for girls is seen as a useless activity except if you go pro in the future. I often felt trapped sitting in my chair practicing for exams all day long. Now, participating in lacrosse and basketball have made me the happiest. Every game, every practice, even the 30 minutes before the games could make me forget all the stress I have and just enjoy playing sports.

ZOEY W., ’19

Waterford School is nestled at the base of the Wasatch Mountains where you can see and feel all four seasons throughout the year. It’s simply an inspiring and beautiful place to learn.

Waterford offers a variety of classes, courses, and opportunities. Your schedule is unique and pushes you in the Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Athletics, the Sciences, and Humanities. Additionally, you will be in the company of other motivated, talented, and hard-working students. Waterford won’t be easy but it will be rewarding. We also know that you won’t be here with your biological family but you will be in class with your Waterford family and it means so much to our students. 


What classes do you offer?

Upper School students have a varied and diverse schedule of classes. Here’s a sample schedule. Note that every day is different allowing you to have a dynamic and vibrant day. You can view our list of classes by grade and department online.

What are your graduation requirements?

You are able to view our Diploma requirements by downloading our Curriculum Guide.

Download our Curriculum Guides

The Curriculum Guide outlines The Waterford School’s vertical curriculum, its value, and how it will shape your child’s education.

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Grades of Interest

Do you consider Seniors (Grade 12) for admission?

No, we do not consider Seniors for admission to Waterford. If you are a current Junior and have not repeated a grade then you may be eligible to repeat a Junior year at Waterford. Although, that consideration would be rare.

Where do Waterford students go to college or university?

We are so glad you asked! Waterford students receive guidance through our College Counseling Department on which colleges to apply to and finding the right fit for them. To that end, Waterford graduates matriculate to a variety of colleges and universities. Generally, 65% go out-of-state and about 30% will go to the Top 50 Schools. Our international students have been accepted to many colleges and have matriculated at schools like the University of Southern California, MIT, UCLA, and Columbia University. Click here to view where the previous Classes have matriculated.

How much homework do you give?

Great question! Generally, students in the Upper School can expect anywhere between 2 to 3 hours of homework each night, Monday through Friday. For some of our international students, it can be a bit longer given their language and writing skills.

Do you offer summer opportunities?

We offer summer programs to current Waterford students. If you are offered admission to Waterford and enroll, you will be eligible to participate in our Summer term.

Can I come for one semester?

No. We do not allow students to come to Waterford for one semester. We are seeking students who are interested in experiencing the complete program through graduation.

Do you find host families?

Waterford does not make the arrangement for a host family. Waterford School expects that international students reside in a homestay with adults that are committed to providing the direct and ongoing support necessary for success at Waterford. International students are NOT PERMITTED to live alone, rent a room, or reside in a home with 3 or more international students.

Can I shadow a student for one day?

Yes. After you have submitted your online application we can set up a shadow visit for you. Note that you will shadow in your current grade. This will allow you to meet peers and compare courses with the material you might be more familiar with.