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In Pre-K, a visit from the Sandy P.D. is a very exciting day!  PC: Heather Mortenson

Two images from the LS Readers are Leaders assembly. PC: Heather Mortenson

Two photos from the always adorable “How to Make a Kindergartener” assembly.  PC: Heather Mortenson
Sophie Gauthier ‘17 speaks to students about her work with Hawk Watch International.  PC: Kia Mosenthal
Students in the Upper School Outdoor class enjoying the warm sun and the view at the Living Room.  PC: Kia Mosenthal

Legendary photographer Burk Uzzle was our Visiting Artist during Arts Week 2017.  Here he is being interviewed by Bella Thornton ‘19, and critiquing work with Lexie Shreeve ‘17 with part of the photography Senior Show in the background.  PC: Andrew Patteson and Kia Mosenthal




And finally, some of the many striking scenes from Sleeping Beauty, the Waterford Dance Academy’s amazing Spring Ballet.  PC: Heather Mortenson
Photo Highlights

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