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A selection of recent images from the Waterford community. Additional photos from most of these events can be viewed on Waterford’s SmugMug account.

Women's soccer went on to defeat Rowland Hall to win the 2A State Championship. Photo: Yearbook Staff
Middle School students wowed audience members with their performance of the Jungalbook. Photo: Heather Mortenson
We had lots of fun with grandparents in Lower School! Photo: Heather Mortenson
Grandparents also visited with Middle and Upper School students. Photo: Kia Mosenthal
Middle School students making fleece blankets for the annual Joni Jensen dinner. Photo: Heather Mortenson
Class I learned about the democratic process by holding class elections. Photo: Heather Mortenson
Class IV presented their Colonial Day projects in period costumes. Photo: Heather Mortenson
Class III finished their studies on Ancient Egypt with a day of activities, food, and festivities. Photo: Heather Mortenson
No shortage of creative costumes at the Middle School Halloween Dance. Photo: Kia Mosenthal
We welcomed moms to campus for Mothers Visiting Day. Photo: Kia Mosenthal
Photo Highlights

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