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Waterford Students clean up Graffiti in LCC
Waterford Students in Little Cottonwood Canyon, cleaning up graffiti

This week, 22 of my friends in the Waterford Outdoor Program and I had the opportunity to do some really important service for our community; we cleaned up graffiti and trash up in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We did this with the help of the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, and it was a lot of fun. 

On Tuesday, we learned a lot about graffiti in the Canyons, which are not just an important place because of our recreation. The Canyons are a big part of our economy in Utah, and the millions of people who visit Little and Big Cottonwood, both local and not, can’t enjoy the beautiful place the mountains are if there is spray paint everywhere. The canyons are also what is called a watershed, or where we get most of our water, and the dangerous chemicals in spray paint dissolve in water, and are basically impossible to get out. This is why it is important to take care of our beautiful backyard that is the Wasatch. 

Waterford Students clean up Graffiti in LCC

On Thursday, we got to actually clean up a rather large area, and watching all the paint come off was very satisfying. I’m really grateful for the mountains that we live so close to, and hope we all get another chance to go out and help keep our home beautiful.

Waterford Students clean up Graffiti in LCC   Waterford Students clean up Graffiti in LCC    Waterford Students clean up Graffiti in LCC

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