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Ten members of the Waterford Class of 2018 were inducted into the Cum Laude society. Waterford School is the only member of the Cum Laude Society.
Waterford Class 0f 2018 Cum Laude Inductees

The Waterford Cum Laude Society committee inducted 10 members of the Class of 2018 into the Cum Laude Society on April 6.

Waterford School became a charter member of the Cum Laude Society in 2012, and is currently the only Cum Laude member school in the State of Utah.

The inductees were chosen by a selection committee consisting of faculty members, the Head of School, and the Academic Dean. The students who were selected demonstrated exceptional academic performance across all academic subject areas during their time in the Upper School.

The 2018 Cum Laude student inductees:

Will Zimmermann
Eric Zimmermann
Tiffany Xu
Tanisha Martheswaran
Matthew Buxton
Isabella Kaiser
Megan Matthews
Alan Chao
Catherine Dowd
Junke (Jessica) Li

"At its heart, scholarship is a hunger for the unknown, a passion and drive to satiate a need for knowledge. That isn’t to say that everyone who considers themself a scholar wakes up and breathes math equations or sustains themself on classic literature. Scholarship is wholly unique to each person, creative and research-oriented. A scholar is someone who eats up information like Pacman because they find joy in knowledge. A scholar goes out of their way to learn because curiosity and adventure is a part of their DNA; knowledge expands their world. As a group, academics are so important to us because they provide a source of pleasure and fulfillment. We see classes as collections of lifetimes of discovery with which we can cultivate our own lives." -Isabella Kaiser, 2018 Cum Laude Inductee

Founded in 1906, the Cum Laude Society is dedicated to honoring scholastic achievement in secondary schools. The founders of the society modeled Cum Laude after Phi Beta Kappa and in the years since its founding, Cum Laude has grown to 382 chapters, approximately two dozen of which are located in public schools and the rest in private or independent schools. Membership is predominantly in the United States, but chapters also are located in Canada, England, France, Spain, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Click here for more information about the Cum Laude Society.

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