Through Waterford's active Parent Association, parents are partners with teachers in a child's independent school education.

Parent Association

Parent Association

As soon as your child enrolls at Waterford, you become a member of the Parent Association. Students, teachers, and families are partners, which means parents play an active, ongoing role in their children’s education. Welcome!


At Waterford School, all parents belong to the Parent Association and work closely with Waterford to expand the child’s education and opportunities beyond the classroom.

The objective of the Parent Association is to build a community of parents who support our children and school by:

  • Providing parent support to the School in the form of planning, organizing, and implementing activities and programs that support and expand opportunities for our children.
  • Training interested and involved parents who assist other parents in learning about Waterford’s philosophy and curriculum, the students, faculty and activities.
  • Offering a forum through which parents learn about issues of importance to them and their children.
  • Building a committed and dedicated family community.

Parent Association Executive Committee 2018-2019

Chrisy Ross, President

Sara Collins, Vice President

Leslie Wadsworth, Event Coordinator

Allyson Wapner, Arts Coordinator

Julie Bechtold, Book Fair Coordinator

Heather Scott, PreK-K Class Coordinator

Kim Osterhoudt, Class I-II Class Coordinator

Nicole Brady, Class III-V Class Coordinator

Candice Vogel, MS Class Coordinator

Amber Reed, US Class Coordinator

The Parent Association meets together the first Wed​nesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. All Waterford parents are warmly encouraged to attend.