Upper School

Upper School

Upper School marks the culmination of the Waterford experience. As students move from childhood into young adulthood, they gain access to a tapestry of challenging academic courses, clubs, activities, sports, performances, student leadership and service opportunities, extra-curricular travel, social activities, and much more. 

The Value of an Independent High SchoolUpper School students reap the benefits and value of a liberal arts education as they move into advanced courses in English, history, math, science, foreign language, physical education, and fine arts – including a wide selection of 17 AP courses. Every course, regardless of subject, is infused with passion, clarity, insight, and critical thinking. The classroom experience is defined by the hallmarks of excellent teaching: effective classroom decorum, a well-rounded curriculum, clear expectations, thorough preparation, careful evaluation, and meaningful dialogue with students.

These elements come together to create a unified and fulfilling educational experience that expands intellectual boundaries, creates good habits, builds confidence, and – ultimately – prepares students for college and for life.

A Waterford Upper School student’s life is defined by an array of events and activities. The demanding academic environment keeps minds active and alert during school, and a broad variety of clubs, activities, and competitive sports enables students to develop interests, strengthen friendships, build character, and have fun after school and on weekends.

College preparation is given the utmost importance, and is supported in classroom activity, testing, and student counseling.