Middle School

Middle School

Middle School provides an exciting transition for Waterford students – as they become more focused on their studies and begin to discover the meaning and possibilities of a true liberal arts education. In Middle School, students complete a three-year Latin program. They branch into discrete studies of earth science, biology, chemistry, and algebra. They expand their mastery of English, history, literature and art.


Waterford Middle School guides students toward increased independence by helping them set and achieve meaningful goals, keep track of their assignments, and study independently. Students have opportunities to explore and expand interests and talents with organized sports teams, outdoor programs, and other extra-curricular opportunities. And it begins to provide students with the advanced intellectual and academic tools they will need to absorb, question, analyze, and synthesize information throughout their lives.

Middle School is a crucial time for social growth and development as students work to define and expand their identities and explore social boundaries. Waterford fosters and supports this development with a tightly knit campus community and a wide range of extra-curricular programs and activities that help students discover new talents, develop social skills, and strengthen friendships. These include sports, music, dance, robotics, and art camps, outdoor programs, travel opportunities, and many other activities.

Middle School marks the beginning of organized competitive sports at Waterford. Under the direction of experienced coaches, students can experience the thrill of competition, learn the importance of good sportsmanship, and discover the satisfaction of teamwork and athletic excellence. At the Middle School level, Waterford offers organized boys’ and girls’ basketball, boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys’ and girls’ lacrosse, coed cross-country, and girls’ volleyball.