Cayden Love

Help Desk Technician

Cayden was born and raised in Eureka California, a small city about a hundred miles away from the Oregon border. After graduating from High School in 2018 and deciding that he didn’t want to work at Walmart or Mcdonald’s for the rest of his life, Cayden decided to take the opportunity to move to Utah during the summer of 2019 and live with his dad who had moved in just a few years prior. Once the summer was over and he had explored the area some more, Cayden ended up joining the Geek Squad as “Agent Love” and solidified his interest in technology. Once he had worked there for a little over a year and a half, Cayden decided that he was finally sick of working retail and wanted to find a new environment to fully apply himself in; the Waterford school would be that new opportunity. He now fills the spot of “Help Desk” for Waterford and spends his time running around helping faculty and staff with their various computer needs.

A couple ways Cayden likes to spend his free time is by playing video games and board games, camping, fishing, and more recently hiking some of the many mountain trails in the area. He also enjoys staring at his fish tank (ask him about it!) and jamming out to music.