angela bohcali

Angie Bohcali

Spanish M.A. George Washington University | B.S. Georgetown University

Born in the US, but raised in Latin America, Angie was raised bilingual and is a native speaker of both Spanish and English. She earned a BSFS in International Economics from Georgetown University, and an MA in International Education at George Washington University. Angie has taught Spanish for over 25 years in a variety of educational settings. She lived and taught in Colorado for 20 years before moving overseas to teach at American and International schools in Korea, Bahrain, and India for 6 years. In addition to teaching Spanish, Angie has led multiple educational and leadership trips abroad. Angie is passionate about experiencing new cultures and all things ‘latino’, particularly music and food! She and her husband enjoy being outdoors in all weather, and love to hike, ski, snowshoe, camp, bike and more. She lives in Draper with her husband and cat, and visits her grown children in Denver often.