Spring Virtual Events


The Waterford Yearbook Staff invites you to join in on an exciting community event Wednesday, June 3rd at 6:00 PM. The Staff has prepared a slideshow of highlights from an unforgettable school year. From Lower School, to Middle and Upper School, to Seniors and Faculty, please join in on this wonderful moment to help wrap up the school year together! A link to the presentation will be shared shortly before 6:00 PM. The goal is for our whole community to view the presentation beginning at 6:00 PM in an effort to have a shared experience. 

"The 2020 Yearbook Staff has worked tirelessly to create a Yearbook that highlights both the celebrations and the struggles that this year has brought. Switching to online learning posed a challenge to everyone, but especially our devoted team of ten students that spent all year creating the yearbook. This year’s Editors are so proud of our Staff’s resilience and grit in working around our significant obstacles. Although the Yearbook itself will not be available until later this summer, we hope you enjoy the highlights of this year. Congratulations to our teachers, our classmates, and everyone that is a part of the Waterford Community. We did it!" - Clea W. ’20 and Lizzie W. ’20



Teaching the arts through Zoom has been an adventure, to say the least. Each department met the challenge with positivity and innovative approaches. But when it was decided early on that our regular showings and performances would have to be canceled, students and teachers were understandably disheartened. For there is no such thing as art without an audience. All the skills, training, technique, and practice are intended for that moment of sharing. Without that moment, the work loses its meaning. And so we are excited to announce offerings from each of the arts departments in the coming week. Stay tuned for visual art, dancing, theater, and more music. It was all yours the moment it was begun. - Javen Tanner, Dean of Arts

The performers:
Joss Gyorkos: Richard III, by Wiliam Shakespeare
Gentri Fox: Lucio, Measure for Measure, by William Shakespeare
Nina De Vos: Liubov, The Cherry Orchard, by Anton Chekhov
Brian Whitney: Richard II, by William Shakespeare



"Letter for a Time Capsule"

The senior dancers were given the project to create a solo based on the idea of submitting a Letter to a Time Capsule where they described their "letter" through dance. They were asked to describe what they were going through, what they were feeling, what they wanted someone reading their "letter" to know about them.  The solos are personal and provoking, and their work proves their depth of character, creativity and resilience. Please join us in celebrating our amazing Senior dancers! 

Isabel Hammond

Her hard work, maturity and kindness has not gone unnoticed; and she has left an indelible impression on the younger dancers who try to live up to her example. Thank you for your elegance and grace in class and in performances such as The Nutcracker, Midsummer Night's Dream, Wizard of Oz, and The Snow Queen. You are truly our Cinderella! Thank you for all that you have brought to Waterford!

Amelia Rukavina

She is a technical dancer, who knows the importance of paying attention to the details. Sweet and shy, she has stolen our hearts in performances where her roles have varied from a Little Swan, to an evil Carabosse, a beautiful Snow Queen, to a compassionate Reindeer, and perhaps the most fitting--the Fairy Godmother. She dives into each role with dedication and thoughtfulness and creates the magic that makes us believe. We are happy you have shared your fairy-dust with us!

Piper Thomas

Ever the performer, she is a bright light on stage and off. She is a powerful dancer who could adapt to any style or role. We have loved seeing her talent and wit as Puss'N'Boots in Sleeping Beauty, Sugar Plum Fairy in Nutcracker, Glinda Good Witch in Wizard of Oz, the Troll in Snow Queen, and we can only too well know that she would have stolen the show as the Bossy Stepsister in Cinderella. Thank you for being a light on our stage!

Adah Welsh 

One who doesn't dance because she is told to; she dances because it is a part of who she is. It has been a joy to see her grow as a dancer and as a human being. She is humble and brilliant; she is questioning and open to trying new things, she is strong and kind; she is a talker and one who listens; she is only just learning the power behind her presence on stage and off. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!



These Senior AP Art projects represent the culmination of years of dedicated work in the Visual Arts at Waterford. Whether in Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, or Photography, our incredibly talented and passionate young artists built a year-long project around a single theme of their own design. See their projects by clicking on the website below, and please join us in congratulating our amazing Senior visual artists!

Visual Arts

See more at seniorshow.waterfordschool.org



Tuesday, May 19, 7:00 PM, live stream

Waterford families and friends are invited to watch the live stream concert here:

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