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Lower School Delivery

This week, most Lower School students received a special delivery that came right to their doorsteps. Individual bags were filled by their teachers with personal notes, materials, and curriculum needed to complete the next few weeks of remote learning. Students could also request library books, which were then gathered from our Lower School library and included in their bags. Perhaps sparking the most joy were our Kindergarten students' beloved teddy bears! 

Lower School Delivery

The entire endeavor was no small feat. Expertly organized by Mike Hamideh, our Director of Safety and Security, a committed crew of extended day, busing, maintenance, playground and office staff  loaded up the bags, and following good social distancing protocols, delivered items to over 300 Lower School students!

Our students  were so excited to receive their items, and to see a familiar face from Waterford. Several of our LS teachers decided they could not give up an opportunity to see their students, and took the time to drop off items to each of their students' homes. Some students opened doors donned in their uniforms, others shared new pets or recently completed Legos and schoolwork, and what was clear, as smiling families gathered in doorways, is the strength of this community tightly woven together by its people. 

Uniforms at home!

While this special delivery occurred during teacher appreciation week, we believe that this was a wonderful twist on teacher appreciation—we love and appreciate each and every one of our students!  Our gratitude for our teachers and families runs deep, and we look forward to being together again.  

Lower School Delivery

Lower School Delivery

Lower School

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