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Isaac Bruce is Waterford's SuperFan
Isaac Bruce, a.k.a. "Bigbruiser" 

If you've attended a Waterford concert or game, you've most likely seen Senior Isaac Bruce. Waterford's "Super Fan" believes strongly in supporting his peers in their performances and competitions. Isaac sits atop the leader board of the Waterford Ravens SuperFan app as "Bigbruiser," with over 1,000 points. We challenge you to try to catch him! Go to the App store to download "Waterford Ravens SuperFan." Check in at events to earn points towards prizes! 

Why is school involvement important to you?
As a member of the student body who participates in athletics, I have always valued the fans who come and support me in my games. I think returning the favor and attending the games and events that those students participate in is just as important.

You’ve been to a wide variety of school events, from plays to sports games. How has your attendance helped you connect with the student body?
I have been able to connect with a lot of people I had never thought I was going to get to know well and I have also become closer with some of my other friends who went to many of the events with me. I began to go to arts performances more often as well, which introduced me to a wide variety of things I was never really into and it gave me a much bigger appreciation for the students who put so much time into the Arts.

As a Senior, is your involvement and encouragement of school events reflective on the legacy you’d like to leave?
Of course it is–the big bruiser legacy is one I would love to see continued. I believe that attending events is very important to growing the community and helping boost school spirit.

What have been some of your favorite activities you’ve attended at Waterford?
Some of my favorite activities have definitely centered around sports, like the basketball game before FNL and the tailgates before soccer senior nights (both boys and girls). But I have also really enjoyed some of the plays and concerts I’ve attended as well, like the Vespers Concert.

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