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Henry M. Face
Henry M. (Class VI) Outdoor Face

Class VI students continue to create wonderful works of art from off campus. The arts, an integral part of Waterford's curriculum, can be more difficult to translate directly to an experience during remote learning. Teacher, Suzanne Conine, was able to pivot though and teach 3D art using what is available at almost all of our students' homes—trees.

Students had extra clay left over after making salt and pepper shakers, so in a short lesson, students were shown how to make a simple eye, nose and lips and then instructed to go outside and put it on a tree.  This project was, "really about fun and creative expression in the spirit of play" said Ms. Conine.  Some faces were inquisitive, some solemn, some happy, and all were great frozen expressions of this unique time we find ourselves. Below are some of the student's work shared remotely through images shared with Ms. Conine. 

Ceramics teachers have set-up drop off of projects, like the Salt & Pepper shakers, and pick up of supplies each week outside.

Grant B., Face
Grant B. Clay Face



Tyson E. Clay Face
Tyson E. Clay Face

​    ​

Claire D. Clay Face


Gwyneth P. Face
Gwyneth P. Clay Face


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