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Applying to Middle and Upper School

Application Requirements & Procedures for Middle and Upper School (Classes VI-XII)

  1. Complete online application
  2. Download Admissions forms to complete the following:
      • Two teacher recommendations are required, one from a math teacher and one from an English teacher. Use the Teacher Recommendation Forms to obtain these recommendations.  These forms are to be given directly to the current grade-level teachers.
      • Use the Request for School Records Form to obtain official transcripts, report cards and/or progress reports, standardized achievement test scores, other educational assessments and health and immunization records.
      • A student writing sample is required. Using the Applicant Essay Form, the student should respond to one of the essay topics and return it directly to the Admissions Office.
  3. School Visit & Evaluation
    • During this visit, your child will complete a comprehensive reading and literacy evaluation proctored by a reading specialist from the school’s learning center.  Additionally, a math placement evaluation will be proctored.  The Admissions Office will schedule this visit.

Download Admissions Forms