Why Chess? One of the Oldest Games for Our Youngest Students

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chess in Lower School

Waterford is excited to continue our tradition of Chess instruction in the Lower School. Class III, IV, and V students work with Kristin South, our Lower School Chess teacher, during the first months of school, and students who are interested in Chess competition are then encouraged to join our after-school competition chess program. This program attends several chess competitions throughout the year.

Why Chess?

[Reprinted from the website of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation.] 

Chess, one of the oldest and most challenging of games, is showing remarkable results as one of the latest pedagogical tools for young students. Through the medium of chess, children learn disciplined thinking skills which are applicable to other intellectual endeavors. The NSCF endorses the statement of Dr. Robert Ferguson that the discipline of chess provides the necessary 4th "R" in education - reasoning.

Chess education is extremely effective with children because: 

  • Chess involves all levels of critical thinking (knowledge, comprehension, analysis, evaluation);
  • Chess requires forethought and cultivates visualization skills;
  • Chess improves problem solving skills;
  • Chess encourages children to overcome the fear of risk-taking;
  • Chess teaches concentration and self-discipline;
  • Chess enables children to assume responsibility for their decisions;
  • Chess rewards determination and perseverance;
  • Chess raises self-esteem and promotes good sportsmanship;
  • Chess encourages socialization skills that extend across cultures and generations ;
  • Chess is fun!

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