Waterford Dance Academy 2020-21 Calendar

Fall Term:

Sept 3rd Thur Dance Academy: MS/US Placement Class 3:45-5:00pm 

Sept 8th Tues First day of Dance Academy classes!

Oct 9th Fri Parent Conferences  NO CLASSES

Oct 12th Mon Fall Holiday-NO CLASSES

Oct 21st Wed Halloween Concert Filming: 3:30-7pm

Oct 29th Thur Halloween Concert Showing during Class Meetings: 10:29am

Nov 20th-29th Thanksgiving Break NO CLASSES


Winter Term:

Dec 1st Tues Nutcracker Movie Spacing Rehearsal: 3:30-6pm

Dec 2nd Wed Nutcracker Movie: Technical Rehearsal: 3:30-6pm

Dec 3rd Thur Nutcracker Movie: Dress Rehearsal: 3:30-6pm 

Dec 4th Fri Nutcracker Movie: Dress Rehearsal: 3:30-6pm

Dec 5th Sat Nutcracker Movie: Filming Day

Dec 18-Jan 3rd Winter Break NO CLASSES

Jan 9th Sat Meeting for Cinderella (Take 2!!)  11:30-noon

Jan 15th Fri Parent Conferences NO CLASSES

Jan 18th Mon Martin Luther King Jr. Day NO CLASSES

Feb 15th Mon President’s Day NO CLASSES

Feb 26th-Mar 14th Spring Break (NO CLASSES)


Spring Term: 

Mar 22th-26rd Arts Week

Mar 30th Tues Cinderella: Spacing Rehearsal 3:30-6pm

Mar 31st Wed Cinderella: Dress Rehearsal 3:30-6pm

Apr 1st Thur Cinderella: Dress Rehearsal

Apr 2nd Fri Cinderella for Lower School: 9:00-10:00am

Apr 2nd Fri Cinderella Performance #1: 7pm 

Apr 3rd Sat Cinderella Performance #2: 2pm

Apr 19th Mon Spring Holiday NO CLASSES

May 22nd Dance Academy Showcase (Last Day of Dance Academy classes!!)