Voter Resources for November 2020 Election


“My dear friends: Your vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have to create a more perfect union.” – John Lewis, from a 2012 speech in Charlotte, North Carolina

Waterford's Students in Action Club has pulled together important resources for the Waterford community about the importance of registering to vote. We may have families new to Utah, voters just coming of age, and voters who still need to register—please use the links and information below to make sure you are ready to vote for this Presidential Election.

a video message from the head of school
about the election


We've created a slideshow featuring the use of Waterford’s Core Values to Engage in Healthy and Productive Discourse. You may find it here:


National Public Radio (NPR) also has a podcast about Courageous Conversations Across a Growing Divide: One Small Step. 

We also want to share this document featuring Norms for Potentially Polarizing Conversations, which have been designed specifically for the election. 


The Students in Action Club have also compiled outlines regarding different issues and the candidate's stances on them. These documents also contain links to each candidate's website. 


Waterford School Faculty and Staff have provided insightful Morning Meeting talks around the importance of voting, information and history of elections in the United States and more. Below is a schedule of future Morning Meeting talks as well as videos of those that have already taken place. We hope this will be helpful in navigating this important time in our country.

11/4/20 - Waterford Alum, Julianne Aldous ’13, speaks to students from Capitol Hill in D.C., the day after Election Day


11/3/2020 - English Teacher, Erika Munson, shares an Election Day Talk


10/20/2020 - History Teacher, Aaron Stockham discusses the origins of the Electoral College and its role in the upcoming election. 


10/7/2020 - Associate Head of School Dr. Brandon Bennett shared reflections on the upcoming election. This important message reminds us all to embrace the opportunities for political conversation as we head toward this election. To read the text, click here



Utah's Voter Registration website
(Deadline: October 19)

Find a ballot drop box

Absentee and vote-by-mail FAQ

You can also register by filling out this Voter Registration form (must be received by county election office 11 days before the election.)

Voting Center Information by County:

  • Salt Lake County Voting Centers locations website.
  • Utah County Voting Centers locations website.
  • Summit County voting information website.

League of Women Voters FAQ page, including a link to their Utah Voters Pamphlet website.