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Upper School World Language Tutor

Waterford School is Utah’s premier liberal arts, college preparatory private school for students in Preschool through High School. Student learning is Waterford School’s reason for being. Since its founding, the School has instilled habits of independent thought, critical thinking, responsibility, passionate learning, and service to others. Waterford School’s liberal arts program provides a strong foundation, and the campus culture prepares students to pursue lives of meaning and purpose. Waterford delivers a world-class education distinguished by a rich curriculum, an outstanding faculty, a deep commitment to student growth, and a learning environment that is caring, nurturing, and inspiring.

French, Spanish, and Chinese tutoring involve one-on-one tutoring with students in Waterford's Upper School. Tutoring sessions usually occur two-three times per week. Sessions are 50-60 minutes, and take place both during school and after school hours Monday through Friday. Tutor responsibilities include the following:

  • Training as designed by the World Languages Department Chair
  • Background in French, Spanish, or Chinese
  • Developing and following daily lesson plans that focus on individual student needs and build strategies in foreign language acquisition. Plans include building foundational skills outlined by student evaluation as well as review of current class material to be determined by curriculum guides.  Clearly, effective tutoring is not just supporting current homework assignments, but teaching so that the student can eventually find independent success.
  • Topics determined by the curriculum guides, teacher input, and current materials being used by the student.  Stress is placed on a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to language acquisition.
  • Communication with parents and current French, Spanish, or Chinese teachers. Tutors are required to write two reports each term. The midterm report is brief, and its purpose is to establish goals, while the end of term report is more comprehensive and informative. Reports are shared with parents, school deans and French, Spanish, and Chinese teachers.
  • A willingness to learn the skills necessary to maintain Google Drive folders for all students and to become proficient in working with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar.
  • Tutors are required to check Canvas, the online grading system that Waterford utilizes, frequently for updates to students' academic progress, messages from teachers, and so forth.
  • Attendance at monthly general tutor meetings and weekly foreign language tutor meetings

Qualified candidates should forward a resume and letter of interest, by email to:

Kristine Wilkins
Executive Assistant
Office of the Head of School