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Upper School P.E.


The physical education program at Waterford seeks to improve each student's physical health through a safe, diversified program that emphasizes health and fitness as life-long goals. The program also highlights the important role that athletics plays in a student's experience. At Waterford, athletics is recognized as a commitment that offers unique learning experiences and, as such, plays a complementary role to a student's intellectual growth. The lasting success of Waterford athletics is best measured by the kind of person, not just the kind of athlete, that it produces. The coaches at Waterford guide the process as they teach students to think critically and analyze intelligently, using skills that are as useful on the field as they are in the laboratory. Waterford's main goal is to produce athletes who will be successful both on and off the field, athletes who understand that the lessons that they learned about the pursuit of excellence are applicable even after the final whistle.

P.E.: Sand Volleyball
​This course will focus on the basic skills and strategies for Sand Volleyball. Students will learn the basic rules of the game. The class will emphasize warm-up activity, aerobic activity, and overall movement.

P.E.: Weights/Team Sports
​This term-long elective course will use utilize numerous physical techniques and methods to provide a well-balanced and aggressive workout opportunity for each enrolled participant. Throughout the term the weight room, the Yoga/Dance Studio, the East Gym and our outdoor fields and facilities will be used in both individual workouts and team sport activities, in order to build overall fitness, compete in team activities and take enjoyable break from the busy Waterford School day.

P.E.: Indoor Soccer
​The indoor soccer class is open to all interested soccer players. Current US soccer team players will gain a new arena to work on their skills. The new player will enjoy the speed and quickness of the indoor game. The use of the walls and the high scoring nature of the indoor game is enjoyable for the new and experienced alike. Basic skills will be reviewed but the emphasis will be on playing the game. All those excited about playing soccer for an entire term will have found a place in this class.

P.E.: Team Sports
​The US Team Sports class is designed to give our students an opportunity to participate, as teams, in numerous different sports. The class will not only provide a good opportunity for the students to be active and healthy, but will serve as an opportunity for students to build friendships and take a healthy break from their busy academic schedule. The following team sports skills will be taught during this class: ultimate Frisbee, flag football, basketball, volleyball, team handball, soccer, pickleball, kickball, frisbee-golf and baseball. Other sports and activities will also be considered.

P.E.: US Aerobics
​This term in aerobics the students learn the importance of aerobic activity. Aerobic principles are taught and practiced, including target heart rate, proper stretching techniques, and basic muscle identification. The class covers floor and step aerobics, muscle toning, and circuit training (implementing floor, step, and muscle toning). Periodically, the students engage in a "relaxation day" where they lie down and relax their bodies and minds while listening to and responding to cues. A fitness evaluation is administered at the beginning and end of the term. It consists of: step test, 50 yd. dash, mile run, push-ups. These activities are timed.

P.E.: US Outdoor
​The Wasatch Course introduces students to the natural wonders of Utah through hiking, rock climbing, and minimum-impact camping activities. At the same time, it boosts students' self-confidence as they overcome challenges as an individual and as part of a team. They come away from the course with a wealth of outdoor skills, with a heightened appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them, and with a greater understanding of themselves. Students are expected to commit to the weekly afternoon session, which enables the class to explore the greater Wasatch environment until approximately 6:00 p.m.

P.E.: US Racquetball
​The students learn the basic rules and strategy of the game including how to referee a (class) tournament. A beginning skill level is attained by the end of class including skills such as backhand, forehand, several serves, and return shots.

P.E.: US Sand Volleyball
​This term length course is designed to accommodate both the beginner and advanced Volleyball players. Members of the Volleyball team can use this class as an opportunity to develop their already existing skills and teach the game to others, while casual and beginner Volleyball player will experience an uplifting and encouraging atmosphere where they can learn the game, and enjoy playing Volleyball with their classmates.

P.E.: US Weight Training
​This class focuses on the fundamentals of personal fitness and weight training techniques. Students are given information which helps them write their own program to be used through the term. Students are tested at the beginning and end of the term for their personal maximums on three lifts. Two class periods a week are spent with the students working with their personal programs, and the third class period is spent doing group workouts, circuit training and other weight room activities to explore a variety of exercises.

P.E.: Baseball History, Stats & Strategy
​The purpose of this collaborative course would be to introduce students to the history, statistics, and strategy of baseball. Students will be exposed to American history through the lens of its national pastime. Students will also explore the story of baseball through its statistical measurements, learning to graph and analyze regressions, lines of best fit, and other key mathematical concepts. Students will also have the experience of going out to the Waterford baseball field and playing the game. They will be asked to throw, catch, hit, run, slide and get a bit of dirt on their jersey in order to physically experience what they’ve learned in the classroom.

P.E.: Ultimate Frisbee
​Ultimate, is a fast-paced game played with a 175g disc. It combines elements of soccer, football and basketball. Everyone is a quarterback and everyone is a receiver. It is a high-energy, non-contact sport that requires a combination of agility, speed and throwing skill to play. Teams consist of seven players on the field at a time playing on a field similar to a football field. The object of the game is for a team to pass the disc from player to player, catch the disc in their end zone thereby scoring a point.

P.E.: US Yoga
​Waterford students are faced with many academic and extracurricular demands. These students function in a fast-paced, rapidly changing, electronic world. Yoga can be a source of balance, well being and rejuvenation. Ashtanga Yoga is an approach directed toward growing, evolving individuals -- an approach that focuses on the moment yet is responsive to our ever-changing bodies and minds. Through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga students will learn to improve focus and awareness regarding breath control, concentration, postures, key muscles, and experience an enlightening level of self observation.