Upper School Dance

Department:  Upper School

The Dance Department’s Mission is to inspire dance artists and movement thinkers. We foster growth of our artform through study, practice, improvisation, and performance. We strive to maintain a caring and challenging environment that allows for learning and individual expression.

Dance and Culture
This course is open to all students, and is designed as an introduction to dance. This class explores and contextualizes dance in all its forms. This exploration takes dance from the mind to the body, from the studio to the stage, while exploring different styles, cultures and time periods. Students will be connecting the historical, technical, and cultural aspects of dance for the purpose of their own understanding, body awareness, and creative voice. We will use improvisation as a choreographic tool to deepen their connection to dance as an art form.

Dance Technique
This course is for students with some previous dance training. To take this course you must complete 3 terms of Dance and Culture or have permission from the Dance Department Chair to be enrolled. (Prior experience will be considered.) This class continues to build on the primary principles of ballet, jazz and modern dance using a variety of training methods to develop proper strength, flexibility, rhythm and coordination also expanding on body positions, balance, turns, locomotor skills, and jumps. Dance Technique will broaden the study of different dance techniques while exploring even more styles of dance within those genre. We will expand on expression and creative choreography so dancers can create their own choreographic works, building their voice through dance. This class will have two performance opportunities throughout the year to build their strength and confidence on stage and off.

Dance Performance
This course is for intermediate/advanced student who has previously trained in ballet, pointe, and modern technique. Students should get approval from the instructor and/or audition before signing up for this class and plan their schedules to accommodate this course for the full year. This class requires a commitment to 4 or more classes in the Waterford Dance Academy’s Advanced Ballet Technique level OR one must submit to the Dance Department Chair a committed dance class schedule from a local dance studio.  This course is rooted in technique, but is a performance-based class. Performing is the natural end result of hard work put into technique, improvisation, and choreography. It provides students with the opportunities to perform in Fall Term's Halloween Assembly, the Winter Term's Dance production, Arts Week Assembly, and in Spring Term's Dance production. Students will be required to attend a live dance performance and write a critique and discuss dancers who are making an impact in the dance world today.