Theater in Greece

Explore ancient Greece - the cradle of Western Civilization - with a focus on the origins of Western drama. We will visit ancient theaters in Athens, Nafplio, and Delphi. We will tour the Acropolis and compare early plays with early thought on theater and performance. We are in the process of arranging an opportunity for the students to perform. Waterford’s theater classes begin with, and often return to, the origin story of Western drama. This trip is designed to make that story come to life.

Details and Application Form

Trip leaders: Javen and Tara Tanner
Grades (in Fall 2018): IX - XII + 2018 graduates
Dates: June 5 - 16, 2018
Approximate cost: $5000 - $5500
Deposit: $2600 - payable by end of November, 2017
Application form: Theater in Greece