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Studio Arts

Drawing & Painting, Ceramics, and Sculpture

Waterford's art program is among the best in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Waterford’s studio arts program provides students with hands-on instruction in the practice of traditional and new media in drawing and painting, ceramics, and sculpture. This instruction is intentionally coupled with intensive explorations of the history of art and carefully situated within the context of a broad liberal arts curriculum. We maintain that the visual arts can and must coexist with academics and athletics and yet, having their own integrity, express that which makes us peculiarly human as no other communication can. 

Art teachers at Waterford are practicing artists in their fields and share their talents and passions with students.

The studio art program is designed to build both foundational skills and a love of the artistic process through the Lower and Middle Schools and into the Upper School as students develop their individual artistic voices. To that end, we provide both the time and the space necessary for students to experience being artists and explore their imaginations. 

Waterford's ceramics program explores a range of hand building and wheel throwing techniques.

Our curriculum is delivered in outstanding studio facilities by a distinguished faculty of working artists who are both accomplished practitioners and talented teachers. In addition, we collaborate each year with a diverse array of prominent visiting artists. We believe our young artists gain much from listening to and working with artists of great talent and diverse backgrounds. 

Each year our students participate in local and national exhibitions, are recognized with regional and national awards, and are accepted into the nation’s top college art programs.