Curiosity, School Theme 2019-20



School Theme, 2019-2020

Each year, Waterford School announces a school theme, which is at the forefront of our thinking as we navigate the school year. This year's theme, "Curiosity," one of our core values, encourages students, faculty and families to cultivate and celebrate the desire to know, to do, to question, to re-examine and to improve. 

"Curiosity is what fuels deep learning; it is what compels us to question, to ask why, to wonder and then act, to discover and, through this nourishment, gain inspiration to keep going. As we nurture the spirit of inquiry and the aptitude to question and think critically, we also fortify a foundation of skills and a reservoir of knowledge that you, as students, will draw upon as curious human beings in the world. This baseline of knowledge is crucial to your capacity to develop and maintain curiosity, as is your attitude toward learning, your persistence, your self-discipline and “grit”—the ability to deal with some failure, overcome setbacks and focus on long-term goals."   - Andrew Menke, Head of School, at Upper School Assembly on First Friday.


School Theme Button 

One of Waterford's long-standing traditions for students and faculty is to be given a button to wear throughout the year to remind us of our theme's intention, to be curious and prize curiosity. This year, students received a button designed to celebrate the curiosity that nature inspires and the excitement that comes from exploring the world around us. The outer edge resembles a compass, the iconic tool of a curious explorer. The central image is of a mountainous landscape reminiscent of the Waterford campus backdrop—symbolizing opportunities, knowledge, choices, and growth that surround us throughout the year. And finally, the nighttime sky is a nod to the vast expanse of space awaiting to be explored.  

Waterford Theme Button, Curiosity, 2019-2020

The school theme and button are announced and celebrated during First Friday events, the one time that every member—students, faculty and staff—come together for a symbolic moment of beginning the new year together. See remarks from Associate Head of School, Brandon Bennett here