First Friday Connection with the Middle School



School Theme, 2018-2019


Each year, Waterford School announces a school theme, which is at the forefront of our thinking as we navigate the school year. This year's theme, "Connect," encourages students, faculty and families to reach out more, help each other and be supportive through connection. 

With our new theme for the year, I hope that we can consider the coming months as opportunities to reach out to one another and our communities. You will all become better individuals by doing so, as without connection, there is no learning, nor improvement, nor success.   - Alex Leo, Student Body President  


School Theme Buttons. 2018-2019

It is one of the longest standing Waterford traditions for students and faculty to be given a button to wear throughout the year to remind us of our theme's intention, to connect more. This year, each of the divisions—Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School—were given unique buttons. The connection occurs not only in the puzzle pieces of each button, but further when the buttons are lined up together, connecting the whole school as one. Lower School is our first button primarily in Gold, the Middle School received a button in mostly burgundy, while the Upper School received a predominantly navy button. 

Waterford School, 2018-2019 Button, Connect