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Preschool Social Studies/Science


The primary goal in PreK-3 is developing a sense of wonder about the world in which we live. Life science topics include observing seasonal change weather, plants, animals, and insects. Building with blocks and experimenting with tools and simple machines allow children to discover physical science concepts. Social studies topics include building friendships, community helpers, and exploring cultures throughout the world. Manipulating real and make-believe tools along with real and imitation processes, and posing questions invite investigations about how things work. Child-initiated investigations are the most important method of exploration throughout the year.

The children's environment is the main focus of study, expanding upon what is already known about themselves, family, school, and the community at large as they learn about community helpers and traditions of children throughout the world. Children's minds are engaged through close observation of things they can see, touch, hear, smell or taste. Science includes a study of seasons, plants, insects, spiders, animals, oceans, and space. Children make predictions and hypotheses about what is observed then generate ideas for problem solving or evaluate results of their study. Children learn to think about their thinking, construct new knowledge, and apply their emerging skills. Children participate in discussions and investigations, conduct surveys, and ask questions to gather information.