Preschool Music

Department:  Lower School

PreK-3 Music

Musical growth is experienced by PreK-3 children as they sing and move. Experiences promote the singing voice and a sense of steady beat. A repeating core of songs and rhymes help facilitate their vocal development. Musical comparatives such as same/different, speech/song, high/low, fast/slow, short/long, and soft/loud are explored. Activities include play, stories, acting, dramatization, and music listening, where the children naturally take part, imitate, and improvise within a safe environment for singing and vocal expression. ​

PreK-4 Music

Using appropriate activities for the young child, PreK-4 music focuses on music listening and aural perception, the singing voice, and steady beat. Children learn a core of rhymes, folk songs, and games that cultivate melodic and rhythmic memory and complement the seasons and homeroom themes. They experience musical comparatives and explore, imitate, and express themselves with voices, instruments, and movement. They play and improvise in the piano lab. Their natural musical spontaneity is supported. Habits of willing, uninhibited singing and enjoyable participation are nurtured.