Waterford is excited to introduce the newest addition to the early foundational years in the Lower School. Research shows the importance of outdoor play and exploration in nature. Waterford's PreK program has always included outside play, and now we have built a research-based classroom built to enhance this play. 

In Fall of 2018, Waterford unveiled the newly completed Outdoor Classroom. With its multi-use stations filled with oversized rocks, logs, tunnels, chess boards as well as water and mud stations, a large block-building station, this area is a newly-imagined place for our students to explore, learn and grow. 

The Lower School Outdoor Classroom was designed by Nature Explore, a professional landscape architecture company that incorporates research on early childhood development with design expertise and engaging learning spaces for children.

"As our students use this space day after day, it will become a stage, a laboratory, a castle, a ship, a wilderness, a country, a home.  In this classroom, our students will learn to create, negotiate, test hypotheses, share, engage in dialogue, problem-solve, and collaborate. When I think about all that is taking place in this space, I am hopeful for our future, as these are deeply important lessons that our students are learning, teaching each other, and teaching us. "

- Dr. Melanie Battistone, Lower School Head​​​​​​​