waterford students and graduates, EMBRACE EXCELLENCE

By working steadily and strategically toward aspirational goals, Waterford graduates achieve remarkable things, while also experiencing firsthand how genuine value comes from sustained effort, not ephemeral success.

Our Commitment

As members of the Waterford School community, we embrace elevated standards of knowledge, performance, and character. We strive for excellence in everything we do, starting with excellence of effort.

Our graduates pursue excellence by knowing that it is not a destination, but an attitude. Our program focuses on developing a growth mindset, which supports students to create aspirational goals that they pursue healthfully and with balance. 



"The Waterford faculty gave me a foundation for excellence that has been so important for me, especially now in my graduate program. Faculty provide students the tools to foster success and confidence in taking on new challenges. At Waterford, I developed strong writing and effective time management skills, and passions that will always be with me. I know that I’ll continue to benefit from everything I've gained from my time at Waterford."

- Kathy Liu ’16