The cornerstone of Waterford’s program is a rigorous world-class liberal arts education that stimulates intellect, ignites passion, and shapes character. It is in the spirit and realization of this mission that we share the Waterford Portrait—an articulation of the core values and theintellectual and social-emotional competencies that define Waterford students during their educational journey with us and in preparation for the lives of meaning and purpose that they’ll lead beyond graduation.

These competencies define excellence of mind and character, and the portrait serves as a guide for Waterford faculty in their examination and definition of our curriculum and instructional practice. The portrait directs teachers as they pursue educational excellence, whether in the classroom or the studio, on the playing field or the stage. Through the portrait and its competencies and values, we define what it means to learn for the sake of learning, to strive for excellence, to care for one another, and to be responsible and contribute as valuable members of our school community.