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School Administration

Head of School: Andrew Menke
Associate Head of School: Brandon Bennett
Director of Admissions: Todd Winters
Director of Finance: Greg Miles
Director of Advancement: Ben Hoke
Director of Communications: Kia Mosenthal
Director of College Counseling: Sari Rauscher

Academic Administration

Academic Dean: Harmony Button
Department Chair, English: Casey O’Malley
Department Chair, History: Dylan Esson
Department Chair, Math: Nancy Woller
Department Chair, Science: James Harris
Department Chair, Foreign Language: Tim Stout
Department Chair, Computer Science: Steve Manning
Department Chair, Visual Arts: Colby Brewer
Department Chair, Music: Kathy Morris
Department Chair, Dance: Annie Breneman
Department Chair, Theater: Javen Tanner
Department Chair, Physical Education: Ryan Judd
Department Chair, Library: Nancy Nebeker

Upper School Dean (IX-XII): Ken Wade
Class XII Deans: Ken Wade & Erika Munson
Class XI Dean: Hillary Williams
Class X Dean: Andrew Patteson
Class IX Dean: Brett Herb

Middle School Dean (VI-VIII): Nancy Nebeker
Class VIII Dean: Ryan Judd
Class VII Dean: Lisa Rands
Class VI Dean: Kirsten Jorgenson

Lower School Director: Susan Johnsen
Lead Teacher, Classes IV-V: Michelle Curtis
Lead Teacher, Classes II-III: Cami LaForge
Lead Teacher, Classes K-I: Susan Banks
Lead Teachers, Specialists: Jay Beck & Martha Quinn