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Campus and Facilities


Adam Aldous, Waterford Class of '10 captures a bird's-eye view of the Waterford School campus on a beautiful fall day. For a close-up view of Waterford, schedule a personalized campus tour. At the Waterford School, physical facilities do more than simply keep students safe and warm. They are a crucial educational tool, a reflection of our culture and values, and an integral part of our long-term mission. We have worked to build the framework for an organic, integrated campus that is capable of supporting Waterford's faculty and curriculum. We believe it is impossible to teach science effectively without labs and classrooms equipped with the right technology; or develop a strong music program without appropriate performance venues and practice facilities. As a result, Waterford's remarkable campus embraces and strengthens the link between well-designed facilities and academic excellence.

The Campus

The campus is currently comprised of 40 acres and 10 buildings totaling 250,000 square feet. The campus master plan includes several additional buildings to be constructed in the future.

Academic Facilities

Lower School Building (includes library, gym, science, music, art, and computer labs); Humanities Building (includes Assembly Room); Science Building; Mathematics Building (includes library); Dining Hall; Institute Research Building (includes photography darkrooms and digital photography lab); Visual Arts Building; Performing Arts Building (which includes a Concert Hall, performance, ensemble and practice rooms, two dance studios, and a black box theater).

Athletic Facilities

Two gymnasiums, two soccer and lacrosse fields, baseball field, weight training room, and additional informal athletic fields.

Computer Facilities

Student Computer Labs (5 Macintosh Labs, 1 IBM compatible lab, 2 Macintosh digital photo labs) as well as computers in both libraries; 150 total student computers; 20 servers.

Future Construction

Science Building, Dining Hall, Gymnasium, Humanities Building, Performance Hall, and Library.