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The Waterford Experience

Welcome to Waterford.

The Waterford School provides every student with a rich educational experience that begins in Preschool and culminates at Commencement.

Over the course of their Waterford journey, our students discover the joys of learning and the importance of service to others; they develop into poised and passionate young adults who are equipped to lead meaningful lives.

Through every stage of development, the Waterford experience affects a child’s life. Bold, insightful teachers with impeccable credentials teach students to think clearly and critically about themselves and the world around them. Diverse subjects and a rigorous curriculum are integrated into a meaningful tapestry of knowledge. And a range of programs both broad and deep – from music, theater, and dance to international travel and competitive sports – enables students to explore their interests, form lifelong friendships, and discover new opportunities.

At Waterford, these elements combine to create an environment where learning becomes an adventure. Where academic excellence becomes a natural byproduct of a deep passion for knowledge and understanding. And where academics, fine arts, sports, and social development become parts of a unified and meaningful educational experience.


What do you value in education?


Individualized Instruction

Rigorous Curriculum