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Summer Term


Enrollment for Summer Term courses is now open.

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Summer Travel 2018

Our Spring Break and Summer Term trips are finalized and ready to go. The destinations are as diverse as the students who participate. We wish all a "Bon voyage." Please check out the travel programs approved for 2019 and 2020. Applications for these trips will be accepted beginning in October, 2018.

  • Spring Break in Guatemala (Upper School)
  • Italian History and Renaissance (Middle School)
  • Landscape and Culture in Spain (Upper School)
  • People, Language, Culture in China (Upper School)
  • Art and Culture in England, Denmark and Sweden (Upper School)
  • Outdoor Program in Slovenia (Middle School)
  • Mountaineering in Washington (Upper School)

Summer Term Travel 2019 - 2020

The trips listed below have been approved for future summers and are provided to help you in making long-term plans. The list may change as circumstances warrant. Please speak with the leaders of these trips if you would like additional information.

Summer 2019

Summer Term 2020


Please contact Steve Manning, Summer Term Director