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Summer Term

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Summer Term Travel Courses - 2019

Waterford’s Summer Term travel offers an exciting array of opportunities to learn in the context of diverse cultures and historically significant places. Information about these trips is given below.

Note that tuition is given as a range of costs. Until the number of participants is known and airfare, exchange rate, etc. are established, it’s difficult to be precise about cost. Once tuition is firmly established, the information will be promptly conveyed to participating families.

Spring Break 2019: Humanitarian Service in Kolkata, India

  • Trip Leader: Ken Wade
  • Cost: $4500 - $5200 (Approximate)
  • Dates: March 4 - March 15 (Approximate)
  • Current Classes XI and XII
  • Description: Changes in the faculty that in prior years led the Kolkata trip require that the viability of the trip be scrutinized and new Trip Leaders identified. We are cautiously optimistic that the trip will happen. More accurate details about the trip will be provided as soon as they are available.
  • Application Form

US Outdoor Spring Break 2019: Ouray Ice Climbing

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

  • Trip Leader: Nicki & Barbara Biscupovich
  • Cost: $5500 - $6000
  • Dates: July 11 – July 25, 2019
  • Current Classes VIII – XII
  • Description: The Ecuador trip is a unique opportunity to experience history, culture, language and cuisine in this lovely corner of the Western Hemisphere. Ecuador is not only rich in its culture and history but also in the amazing variety of wildlife on the Galapagos Islands. While the trip provides Spanish learners a unique opportunity to enrich their studies, it is open to any rising Upper School student who wishes to participate.
  • Application Form

Choir Tour to South Africa

  • Trip Leader: Patrick Tatman & Scott King
  • Cost: $6200 - $6900
  • Dates: June 9 – June 21, 2019
  • Current Classes VIII – XII
  • Description: The choir will perform four concerts in venues throughout South Africa and enjoy working with local singers in a workshop setting. There will also be guided tours of Johannesburg, Soweto, and Cape Town, open vehicle game drives, and visits to the Apartheid Museum, Cango Caves, Cango Ostrich Farm, Featherbed Nature Reserve, Table Mountain, the Penguin Colony, and Cape Point Nature Preserve. This trip is primarily for choir members. However, if you do not currently sing with one of Waterford’s choirs but are interested in joining a choir or participating in some other capacity, please contact Mr. Tatman.
  • Application Form

A History of Scotland: Vikings, Wallace, and the Bonnie Prince

  • Trip Leader: Matt Douglas, Kristin South & Matt Davis
  • Cost: $5400 - $6000
  • Dates: July 24 – August 7, 2019
  • Current Classes VIII – XII
  • Description: This two-week trip will immerse students in the history and culture of Scotland. From kilts to bagpipes, Scotland remains a popular tourist destination in Western Europe, yet few Americans appreciate Scotland for its fascinating historical narrative. From savage outpost that was only later tamed by the Romans, to the Viking invasions that ravaged the coasts, Scotland remained a conflicted territory enveloped in violence throughout the ancient and medieval periods. This same landscape gave birth to national heroes in both William Wallace and Bonnie Prince Charlie, who both fought for independence from their powerful neighbor to the south. This trip will focus on the rich history of Scotland, expose Waterford students to the significant historical sites (including abbeys, battlefields, castles, and colleges), and immerse our students in the rich culture (art, music, and cuisine) of contemporary Scotland.
  • Application Form

Upper School Outdoor Program: Alaska: Majestic McCarthy

  • Trip Leader: Mr.  Watkins
  • Cost: $4,500-5,000, dependent on enrollment
  • Dates: July 1-17, 2019
  • Current Classes: IX-XII
  • Description: Come experience the wild beauty of Alaska while backpacking in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the largest national park in the United States! It is home to massive glaciers, lofty mountain peaks, and lush, tundra-carpeted valleys. This trip gives you a great sampling of the variety of terrain found in the park as you travel through one of its most breathtaking glacial valleys. This 17 day Alaska adventure is designed for anyone with a sense of adventure who is interested in backpacking and sea kayaking amongst the wonderful shores, ice, and marine life of the Prince William Sound. Designed for students interested in pushing their personal limits, learning new skills, and spending some quality time in the splendid Alaskan wilderness.
  • Application form

Middle School Outdoor Program: Escalante Exploration

  • Trip Leader: Mrs. Joslin and Mr. Waterhouse
  • Cost: $600-800
  • Dates: June 10-17, 2019
  • Current Classes: VII-VIII
  • Description: The Waterford Outdoor Program is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to join your classmates for an unforgettable adventure in one of the most remote yet mesmerizing areas of Utah. On the Escalante Exploration MS Canyoneering and Backpacking Adventure you will explore some of the least-known regions of southern Utah, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest. Gaining the highest elevations of our trip to begin, you will explore Utah’s largest national forest, while swimming and backpacking at 11,000 feet. At points on the trail you will be able to see 7,000 feet below to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, our next destination.

    You’ll experience the contrast of the high mountains with the beautiful desert as you hike in numerous canyons and sandstone formations, tributaries to Lake Powell. We will be exploring unique slot canyons created by water making its way to the Colorado River system for hundreds of thousands of years. These canyons wind down through colorful sandstone, containing natural arches, windows, and bridges. In some of the canyons, we will see ancient Anasazi and Fremont culture structures and pictographs. Some canyons offer waterfalls, hanging gardens, and, at times, become so narrow that you feel borderline claustrophobic

Application and Payment Deadlines

October 19, 2018 - Application Deadline

To apply, visit the Summer Term website at and fill out the appropriate form. Trip leaders may have additional requirements for applicants. They will contact you and/or your student with this information upon completion of the Application Form.

November 5, 2018 - Deposit Billed

The tuition deposit is half of the course tuition. The deposit must be paid by the end of November. The deposit is non-refundable.

November 31, 2018 - Deposit Payment Deadline

The deposit must be paid by this date. The deposit is non-refundable.

January 5, 2019 - Balance for Spring Term Trips Billed

The balance of the tuition for trips scheduled in Spring Term 2019 will be billed on this date.

January 31, 2019 - Balance of Spring Term tuition Deadline

The balance of tuition for Spring Term trips must be paid by this date.

March 5, 2019 - Balance of Summer Term Tuition Billed

The balance of the tuition for trips happening in the Summer months is billed on this date.

March 31, 2019 - Summer Term Tuition Deadline

The balance of tuition for Summer Term trips must be paid by this date.

Questions About Waterford Travel Programs

If you have questions about a specific trip, please contact the Trip Leader. For general information about Summer Term (billing, policies, etc.) please contact Steve Manning: or 801.816.2236.

Summer Travel 2018

Travel with Summer Term in 2018 gave students memorable, even life-changing experience. We express thanks to Faculty who designed and led these trips and to the families whose support made these trips possible.

  • Spring Break in Guatemala
  • Italian History and Renaissance
  • Landscape and Culture in Spain
  • People, Language, Culture in China
  • Art and Culture in England, Denmark and Sweden
  • Outdoor Program: Slovenia
  • Outdoor Program: Mountaineering in Washington

Summer Term Travel 2020

The trips listed below have been approved for Summer 2020 and are provided to help you in making long-term plans. The list may change as circumstances warrant. Please speak with the leaders of these trips if you would like additional information.