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A New Lower School Opportunity: Theater

Date:  Tuesday, December 14, 2021 Byline:  Cherie Gallian, Lower School Theater Specialist

What a satisfying experience to teach Theater in Lower School! The possibilities for growth are endless with children of this age. They have few to no reservations about trying new challenges, as imaginative play is something they engage in naturally. Adding theater to an elementary school program is genius. Theater can help bridge the gap that opens up when children start to become self-conscious and start putting labels on things, people, and experiences. But that’s not the only thing a theater class can do for our children.

Happy Holidays!

Date:  Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Dear Parents,

On the eve of our holiday break, I write to share profound thanks for your continued support this school year. Through lingering Covid safety precautions, your fortitude and resilience have allowed Waterford’s transformational education to continue to thrive here on campus.

Trekking Across Campus

Date:  Monday, December 13, 2021 Byline:  Andrew S., Class XII Student

Below is a poem written by Andrew S. in his English XII class during an assignment to write a mimic of Whitman's "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry."  Andrew's poem creates a lovely snapshot of Waterford's student-filled campus.

Trekking Across Campus

Community Service: Not Your Average Goat Farm

Date:  Friday, December 10, 2021 Byline:  Lalith S. ’22, Co-President of the Upper School Community Service Club

Shared from a talk given at Middle and Upper School Assemblies this week by Lalith S.

Hi everyone, 

Hope all of you are doing well. If you don’t know me, my name is Lalith, I am a senior and I also serve as Co-President of the Upper School Community Service Club here at Waterford. I am here to talk to you guys about a recent community service project we did on the outskirts of Salt Lake. As a basic general overview of the project, the club spent a morning cleaning up and managing a goat farm.  Before I speak further, I would like to show you a video. 

Excellence in Waterford’s Lower School: Waiting for Ancient Water

Date:  Thursday, November 18, 2021 Byline:  Dr. Melanie Battistone, Assistant Head of School and Lower School Head

An excerpt as taken from Dr. Melanie Battistone’s Parent Association Meeting talk in October 2021.

How many of you have visited Zion National Park and had the good fortune to see Weeping Rock before it was closed due to a rockfall? Weeping Rock is a geological and hydrological wonder, although there are many places like it scattered across the Southwest.  

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