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Reflections on the Upcoming Election

Date:  Friday, September 25, 2020 Byline:  Brandon Bennett, Associate Head of School

Video and Text of a talk by Dr. Bennett that was shared with students in Morning Meetings during the week of September 21-25 in the Middle and Upper School

Good morning students. I'm very pleased to be able to talk with you for a few minutes about the upcoming presidential election. To start, I'd like to just note what I won't be doing in this talk.

Class of 2021 Senior Retreat

Date:  Friday, September 25, 2020 Byline:  By Nancy Nebeker, Dean of Students

Senior Retreat 2

The annual Senior Retreat was held at Snowbird last Monday (9/21).  The Class of 2021 was able to visit with Andrew Menke, our Head of School before boarding  buses to go up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  He asked them to embrace two words as they approach this final chapter of their Waterford journey - courage and grace.

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Date:  Friday, September 11, 2020 Byline:  Shira Fagan, English Teacher and Class VI Dean

As shared during a Middle and Upper School Assembly on September 11, 2020

My mother was in ninth grade walking to her best friend, Susan’s house along the cookie cutter suburban streets of her neighborhood. If it had been a year earlier, she would have been wearing black mary-jane shoes and a burgundy plaid dress, but she was in high school now.  Public school, so she wore pants. A man walked out the front door of his house house as she passed and told her the news. 

Video Feature - First Week of School

Date:  Monday, September 7, 2020

Although some things look different this year - we are wearing masks, students are sitting slightly further from each other, and we are even more mindful of having clean hands than ever before - we have seen, in these first few days, the beauty and joy of learning together again. We are grateful to have teachers and students back on campus, both online and in-person. Enjoy this video, narrated by Dr. Melanie Battistone, Lower School Head and Dr. Brandon Bennett, Associate Head of School. 

Thoughts on Wearing a Mask This Year

Date:  Friday, September 4, 2020 Byline:  Nancy Nebeker, Dean of Students

Excerpt taken from an All School Opening Faculty Meeting Talk by Nancy Nebeker, Dean of Students

Good morning to everyone - especially to the newest among us.  We look forward to getting to know you in the coming days.  It is so good to be back - even in this virtual gathering.

I am 100% certain that I never “expected” to be asked to speak about building community while wearing a mask.  But 2020 has thrown the “expected” out the window and here I am sharing some thoughts about wearing a mask at school as we look to the start of this new school year.

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