A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

Date:  Friday, September 11, 2020 Byline:  Shira Fagan, English Teacher and Class VI Dean

As shared during a Middle and Upper School Assembly on September 11, 2020

My mother was in ninth grade walking to her best friend, Susan’s house along the cookie cutter suburban streets of her neighborhood. If it had been a year earlier, she would have been wearing black mary-jane shoes and a burgundy plaid dress, but she was in high school now.  Public school, so she wore pants. A man walked out the front door of his house house as she passed and told her the news. 

Saying Farewell to Departing Faculty, 2020

Date:  Sunday, May 17, 2020

Faculty and staff are the heart of Waterford School, and they make it a wonderfully unique and exceptional place where students are inspired and shaped. Waterford is guided toward its mission of providing students with a world-class liberal arts education, by our talented faculty and staff. As this school year comes to a close—a year when each of us, students and teachers, has met unpredicted challenges head-on—we want to take a moment to recognize and thank those members who are retiring, moving or pursuing new passions.  We thank them for their many years of service. 

Lissajoux Motion

Date:  Tuesday, February 19, 2019 Byline:  Tim Dolbin, Math Teacher, & Parker Dolbin ’12
Tim and Parker Dolbin
Tim & Parker Dolbin speaking at the assembly

The following is the full talk from the MS and US assemblies given by Tim Dolbin, Math Teacher, and his son, Parker Dolbin ’12 about an art project that was developed from the synthesis of math and art, showing the power of understanding and combining many disciplines in a project. 

Pursuing Lives of Meaning & Purpose

Date:  Monday, February 11, 2019 Byline:  Amanda Apple

Students, parents and faculty, who experience Waterford, know that our vision to inspire individuals to pursue lives of meaning and purpose is embedded into each day and many experiences at school. With the newly defined vision, mission and core values this year, what has become clear, is how frequently our faculty and students embody these noble pursuits. This past Saturday, two of Waterford's faculty engaged with the wider community along the Wasatch front, showing support for important issues in meaningful ways. 

2018-19 Waterford Educator Prizes

Date:  Monday, December 3, 2018 Byline:  Amanda Apple

Each year, two or three Waterford Educator Prizes are awarded to acknowledge outstanding teaching by Waterford faculty. In addition to the honor given for their exemplary service, each award carries a stipend to further the educator’s formal education, research, writing, travel, or related scholarly activities. The stipends are awarded by the Head of School based on the written recommendations of faculty peers and other colleagues. The recipients are selected based on their experience at Waterford, passion for learning, and influence on students and colleagues. 

The Legend Has Retired

Date:  Thursday, June 7, 2018 Byline:  Bella Thornton, Class XI, Communications Intern

Jan Van ArsdelAfter teaching for thirty-seven years at Waterford School, Mr. Jan Van Arsdel is retiring. The setting of our conversation is hectic as Middle Schoolers run through the Concert Hall before their final exam, the last exam Mr. Van Arsdel will conduct as an educator. Mr. Van Arsdel, affectionately known as JVA, has taught AP US History, British Literature, and American Literature for over thirty years at Waterford.

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