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Aspire: 2017-18

Waterford staff and faculty select a school theme each summer to keep at the forefront of our thinking as we navigate the school year. This year's theme, "Aspire," encourages students to push beyond self-imposed limitations and reach for hopes and ambitions. Aspiration, when accompanied by patience and persistence, results in learning and growth that is as important as the achievement. As stated in our mission, Waterford endeavors to help students understand that “there is no end to learning, nor is it itself an end. Rather, learning is the means by which mankind acquires the nobility of a well-lived life.” This enduring ideal of aspiration leads to a life of boundless opportunity and fulfillment.

Read remarks from our students and faculty on this year's theme below:

In Fly Fishing As in Life

Monday, September 25, 2017

Over the summer, Jennifer and I nostalgically returned to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, site of our introductory visit to the west back in 1989.  We went on long hikes, attended a rodeo and marveled at the beauty of the Tetons.  And, we took a fly-casting lesson. I had been a novice fly fisher in Colorado and set aside the pursuit in deference to time with our children.  What better way to return to one of my favorite activities than t