The goal of the Waterford music program is to train students to become competent musicians through dedicated practice, classroom instruction, and performance. Music instruction begins in Kindergarten with foundational lessons in piano and voice. Students build on this foundation throughout their years at Waterford, developing their musical sensitivities as they formulate concepts and skills over an extended period of time. Students learn best by doing, which is why performance and music literacy are at the heart of the program.  Students learn about music through the study of music history, reflect on music by studying music theory and analysis, and most importantly, perform the great music of the world as singers, instrumentalists and composers.


Waterford Chamber Singers
Chamber Singers is a non-auditioned choral ensemble focused on skill building and developing independent musicianship. Students develop skills in vocal technique, sight singing, and music theory. The ensemble performs choral music that explores a wide range of genres from a variety of time periods. Concerts will take place once a term on campus.

This high level vocal ensemble rehearses and prepares advanced choral music for mixed voices in 4-8 parts. Repertoire is normally a cappella and explores a wide range of genres from a variety of time periods. Troubadours maintains a full performance calendar with opportunities both on and off campus such as Waterford concerts, civic performances, Solo & Ensemble festival, national and international choral festivals, and other opportunities as they arise. Choir members are admitted through a two-step audition process in May. Students are invited to sign up for the class prior to auditions to indicate their intentions.

Jazz Ensemble
This course is an introduction to jazz and related musical styles with emphasis on improvisation and accurate sight-reading. Students participate in performance, directed listening, transcription, and analysis. Special emphasis is placed on the historical significance of Jazz as “America’s Original Art Form” and on the influence of jazz on all succeeding forms of popular music.  Audition required.

Upper School Orchestra
The Orchestra is a large orchestra that may combine strings, wind/brass and percussion students. This year long course will continue to place emphasis on individual growth in skill development, technique and performance practice while performing string and symphonic work. Sectionals, rehearsals, festivals, performances, and other musical opportunities will occur and are integral to the course.

Upper School Band
Upper School Concert Band continues the study and performance of the core repertoire for winds and percussion though a variety of performance opportunities.  With greater emphasis on individual technical skill and musical expression, students will learn to better self-evaluate through critical listening and experimentation. Classes include large ensemble and chamber music performance and will involve a deeper exploration of musical style and performance practice.