Middle School Photography

Department:  Middle School

Two major goals guide the visual arts department. The first is the development of technical skill. Each course offers students an active experience with the materials, techniques, processes, and vocabulary necessary for a solid foundational ability and understanding of visual art and design. The second is the development of personal artistic vision. The program offers exciting opportunities for beginning students to discover talents unacknowledged in the past and for advanced students to set in motion their personal artistic vision. Studio courses in design, drawing/painting, ceramics, mixed-media sculpture, photography, and art history and aesthetics seminars provide an environment of stimulating intellectual and creative inquiry.

Photo VIII

This required term-long class covers basic camera and image composition technique as well as an introduction to basic darkroom skills. This is primarily a shooting and printing class; students shoot black and white negative film and enlarge their own prints. In addition, students learn the basics of photographic camera handling and film exposure.