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Middle School P.E.


The physical education program at Waterford seeks to improve each student's physical health through a safe, diversified program that emphasizes health and fitness as life-long goals. The program also highlights the important role that athletics plays in a student's experience. At Waterford, athletics is recognized as a commitment that offers unique learning experiences and, as such, plays a complementary role to a student's intellectual growth. The lasting success of Waterford athletics is best measured by the kind of person, not just the kind of athlete, that it produces. The coaches at Waterford guide the process as they teach students to think critically and analyze intelligently, using skills that are as useful on the field as they are in the laboratory. Waterford's main goal is to produce athletes who will be successful both on and off the field, athletes who understand that the lessons that they learned about the pursuit of excellence are applicable even after the final whistle.

P.E.: VI
​This class is designed to encourage an appreciation and an interest in participating in physical activities, including games, sports, recreation and leisure activities. It challenges students to develop and maintain physical fitness to the fullest maximum capabilities. Students focus on the development of appropriate social skills as they work together in class.

P.E.: MS Outdoor
​The Wasatch Course introduces students to the natural wonders of Utah through hiking, rock climbing, and minimum-impact camping activities. It boosts students' self-confidence as they overcome challenges as an individual and as part of a team. They come away from the course with a wealth of outdoor skills, with a heightened appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them, and with a greater understanding of themselves.

P.E.: MS Fitness
​This class will combine elements of Strength and Conditioning and Aerobics to give students a better understanding of personal physical fitness. Students will rotate through activities in both disciplines within a 10-week term. The class will incorporate, from a beginning standpoint, weight training, step aerobics, cardiovascular/endurance training, relaxation techniques, circuit training, beginning plyometric training and basic strength training program philosophies. Topics such as nutrition, weight loss and fitness benefits will be discussed in a classroom setting. This class is for students who want to become more physically fit while gaining a better understanding as to how class activities are making them more fit.