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Middle School Dance


The Waterford Dance Department seeks to foster a creative and open program that invites all students to begin to dance, without regard to previous training or physique. At the earliest levels, we nurture movement and locomotor skills, promoting a healthy sense of body and space. As students progress, they learn elements of dance technique, dance forms, and choreography. At our more advanced levels, students explore more fully the history, vocabulary, and culture of dance as they come to identify themselves as accomplished dancers. As students advance through the dance program, they will focus increasingly on performance to allow them to most fully express themselves as artists on stage. The dance program is interdisciplinary, welcoming non-dance specialists to foster new skills as costume designers, musicians, set designers, choreographers, and other artistic elements.

Dance: VI
​Class VI Dance is an introduction Modern, Ballet, and Jazz Dance Technique. Students will also have the opportunity to explore their own creative ideas through developing compositions. Vocabulary, technique, group choreography, dance history, and learning about the life of an professional dancer, give a more complete understanding of the different dance techniques. Because this is a performing art, the students have the option to participate in a production to give them a sense of professionalism as they perform in front of an audience. Learning various dance techniques and performing will help further the creative side of each student as they have more knowledge of the vocabulary. There will be two performance opportunities aligned with this class.

​MS Dance VII/VIII provides the opportunity for students to express themselves through movement. The dancers are introduced to basic technique and choreographic forms. This course is for the beginning dancer (expanding on the Ballet, Modern and Jazz Dance techniques learned in Dance VI) who wants to explore more technique, history and dance composition. It teaches the primary principles of Ballet and Modern technique vocabulary using a variety of training methods to develop proper alignment, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Verbal and movement vocabulary of dance is also an important part of the class. Students will learn the body positions, balance, turns, loco motor skills, and choreographic skills. There will be two performance opportunities aligned with this class.